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Note: The getbalance RPC gets the balance in decimal bitcoins across all accounts or for a particular account.

MintCoin Version: MintCoin v2.0.0

BitCoin core:


Parameter #1—The name of an account to get the balance for. An empty string (“”) is the default account (default). The string * will get the balance for all accounts.

Parameter #2—The minimum number of confirmations an externally-generated transaction must have before it is counted towards the balance. Transactions generated by this node are counted immediately. Typically, externally-generated transactions are payments to this wallet and transactions generated by this node are payments to other wallets. Use 0 to count unconfirmed transactions. Default is 1.

Parameter #3If set to true, include watch-only addresses in details and calculations as if they were regular addresses belonging to the wallet. If set to false (the default), treat watch-only addresses as if they didn’t belong to this wallet.


the balance in MintCoins


 ./mintcoind getbalance




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